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Transfer Partnership Program

Grand Valley State University and Grand  Rapids Community College are committed to providing a seamless transfer process from the community college to the university.  The Transfer Partnership Program enables the institutions to work with students to guide them in appropriate course selection and through the transfer process to Grand Valley State University.  This program will help reduce the time to earn a degree and better prepare students for a successful Grand Valley experience. 

Student Requirements and Access:

  1. Students must remain in good standing at GVSU
  2. Each student will be assigned an academic advisor and the student must meet with his or her GVSU advisor once each semester
  3. GVSU and GRCC advisors will provide appropriate transfer guides and students will have the opportunity to contact and GVSU advisor for academic advising prior to transferring
  4. GVSU will provide GRCC to GV students expanded opportunities to learn more about Grand Valley through special mailings and scheduled visits by a GVSU advisor
  5. Students at Grand Rapids Community College who meet Grand Valley State University State University’s transfer admission’s requirements will be considered for admission to Grand Valley State University.
  6. The student’s formal application for admission to Grand Valley State University will be activated when the student has completed the GVSU application for admission (either paper or electronic version).  Students must submit application in accordance with GVSU application deadlines

Institutional Relationship:

  1. Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Valley State University will maintain the integrity of their separate programs
  2. GRCC and GVSU agree to cooperate in communication with each other and with their common and respective public concerning the relationship between the two institutions
  3. Any marketing of this partnership produced in print or electronic will be subject to the prior approval of both parties
  4. Advisors and staff at both institutions will communicate information about this partnership agreement to students
  5. GRCC and GVSU will provide a website link to each other’s website
  6. Representatives from GVSU and GRCC will meet annually to review the program
  7. Staff from GRCC and GRCC will collaborate to share pertinent information and statistics about students, including students still enrolled at GRCC, students enrolled at GVSU, and students who have graduated from GVSU.

*Students who meet the transfer requirements for transferrable hours and GPA requirements for admissions to Grand Valley State University will be considered for admissions to GVSU.  GPA is cumulative for all colleges and universities attended.  Please note that certain majors, colleges, and departments may require a higher GPA and/or portfolio/recital/audition based admissions.  Current admissions requirements may be viewed at the Undergraduate Admissions website