United States History - courses that fulfill this requirement include:

HST 301 Colonial and Revolutionary America
HST 303 Era of Sectional Conflict and Civil War
HST 305 The United States Transformed
HST 306 Recent US History, 1930 to Present
HST 312 History of American Women
HST 314 African-American History
HST 315 Latinos: The Forging of Ethnic Identities
HST 317 History of American Foreign Relations
HST 320 American Indians
HST 323 Michigan History
HST 326 Industrializing America
HST 327 Urban History of the United States
HST 328 Constitutional History of the US
HST 329 Intellectual History of the United States
HST 370 History of Medicine and Health
HST 371 History of Gender, Family, Sexuality
HST 380 Special Topics in History, may be used to fulfill the United States history requirement when the topic studied is one in U.S. history.

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