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Professor Carolyn Shapiro-Shapin

Carolyn Shapiro-Shapin

Carolyn Shapiro-Shapin - D-1-220 MAK, (616) 331-3445,

Assistant Chair

Professor of History

2009 Recipient of the Inspirational Historian of the Year Award


BA, Adelphi University, 1987 History(
MA, Yale University, 1989 History( M.Phil., Yale University 1991 History of Medicine and Science Ph.D., Yale University, 1993 History of Medicine and Science

Teaching Fields:

History of Medicine and Health, History of Science, American History

Research Interests:

I am currently engaged in two research projects:

  1. The first project surrounds the bacteriology research performed by State Departments of Health in the interwar years.
  2. The second focuses on the development of water analysis standards in the twentieth century.

Selected Publications:

"Pearl Kendrick, Grace Eldering, and the Pertussis Vaccine," Emerging Infectious Diseases,16:8 (2010): 1273-1278.

""A Whole Community Working Together": Pearl Kendrick, Grace Eldering and the Grand Rapids Pertussis Trials, 1932-1939," Michigan Historical Review, 33:1 (Spring 2007): 59-85.

"Filtering the City's Image: Progressivism, Local Control, and the St. Louis Water Supply, 1890-1906," Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, 54 (July 1999): 387-412.

"'A Really Excellent Scientific Contribution': Scientific Creativity, Scientific Professionalism, and the Chicago Drainage Case, 1900-1906," Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 71 (Fall 1997): 385-411.