Matthew Lawrence Daley - D-1-238 MAK, (616) 331-8701 daleym@gvsu.edu

Associate Professor of History

Fields: Michigan, Urban, Public, Great Lakes, Maritime

Degrees: BA, History, University of Detroit Mercy, 1997
               M.A., History & Archival Administration, Wayne State University, 2000
               Ph.D, History, Bowling Green State University, 2004

Dr. Daley’s research focuses on urban public and social policy, Great Lakes maritime culture and technology, and the practice of public history. The first major project, tentatively entitled The Scheme Nearest His Heart: Captain Alexander McDougall’s Whaleback Ships and the Rise of the Great Lakes Maritime System, examines the development of the Great Lakes bulk material handling network during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The second major project, City of Mass Production: Building, Managing, and Living in Detroit, America's First Automobile Metropolis, 1915-1945, focuses on the urban development of Detroit during the interwar era and its public and social policy impacts. Both projects focus on rapid urban growth and the institutional policy responses aimed at managing contradictory and conflicting interest groups. The effort to reconcile these differences through political, social, and technological means has had powerful benefits to the Upper Midwest but also brought severe consequences that his work continues to explore.

His work in public history ranges from archival work, historic preservation and interpretation in Detroit neighborhoods, and local history societies in the Grand Rapids area. A long-term project involves a history of the soil conservation efforts in Ottawa County, Michigan during the Great Depression. He is also editor of the Grand Rapids Historical Society’s magazine Grand River Valley History.

Dr. Daley teaches several introductory and intermediate undergraduate courses. At the introductory level, HST-206: The United States 1877 to present, and the intermediate HST-323: Michigan History and HST-327: American Urban Society that is also a part of the Cities theme. At the graduate level, HST-605: Local and Archival History, a course geared towards high school teachers interested in using primary sources in their classrooms. He has also conducted directed readings in various topics relating to public history theory, urban development, crime, and the Great Depression.

For more information, please see Prof. Daley's Curriculum Vitae.

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