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Graduate Work

Graduate Work

The History Department offers graduate courses that are included in the options in the M.Ed. in General Education (Middle and High School Emphasis).

Students apply to the College of Education for admission to the M.Ed. Program. Students selecting the History option should have earned an undergraduate major or minor in History or Social Science. Prerequisites in all 600 level courses will include: graduate standing with a major or minor in History or Social Science or consent of instructor.

The program consists of a minimum of 33 hours (at least 11 courses), including a minimum of 18 hours (at least six courses) in education and a minimum of 15 hours (at least five courses) in history. Students in the program will have an advisor from the College of Education and an advisor from the History Department.

Students who choose this concentration will, with the help of an advisor from the History Department, select courses from the following groups, as indicated (all courses carry three credits).

Historical and Research Methods (minimum of one course):

HST 600 Historiography
HST 605 Techniques in Local and Archival History

United States History (minimum of one course):

HST 625 The United States in the Nuclear Age

Non-Western History

HST 630 The Middle East in the Twentieth Century
HST 632 A History Brazil HST 633 Issues in Third World History

European History

HST 643 The French Revolution
HST 648 European Origins of World Wars I and II HST 680, depending on the topic, may be used for any of the categories