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AP & CLEP Exams

AP and CLEP Exams

The following Advanced Placement and CLEP tests are offered for History:

HST 203 World History to 1500 (AP Only)
HST 204 World History Since 1500 (AP Only) HST 205 American History to 1877 HST 206 American History Since 1877

Students who receive a score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement examination in World History will receive credit for HST 203 and HST 204; those who receive a similar score on the AP examination in United States History will receive credit for HST 205 and HST 206. Students who receive a score of 3 on either examination will receive credit for the appropriate 100-level course (101 or 103), but not for the 200-level courses.

Students who elect to take a CLEP examination in United States History should complete the essay portion of the exam in addition to the multiple choice portion. If the score on the multiple choice portion of the exam is satisfactory, members of the History department evaluate the essays. If members of the department concur that the essays reflect work which would receive a grade of C or better in the equivalent college course will receive appropriate course credit.Students interested in getting credit for 100-level history courses may take the CLEP exam in Western Civilization or United States History. A passing grade in the multiple choice portion will get them credit for the appropriate course.