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Alphabetical List of History Professors & Specialties

Faculty & Office Information

Andrews, Gordon Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction    Associate Professor
Anthony-VanOrsdal, Anita Midwestern Women, Socio Political    Adjunct Professor
Buckridge, Steeve Director of Area and Global Studies, African History, Caribbean History, Material Culture, Costume and Dress, Gender & Sexuality    Professor
Chamberlain, Jeffrey Social, Political, Intellectual, and Ecclesiastical of Tudor/Stuart and Georgian England    Honors College Director
Chapman, Alice Medieval History, Intellectual History, Church & State History     Associate Professor
Cooley, Richard Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction    Professor
Coolidge, Grace Early Modern Europe and Spain, Gender     Professor
Crouthamel, Jason Modern Europe, Germany, Memory, Gender, Sexuality     Professor
Daley, Matthew Michigan/Great Lakes/Urban/Public History; Advisor for the Archaeology Minor Associate     Professor
Dirks-Schuster, Whitney   Visiting Professor
Donovan, Michael   Best methods in Elementary, Middle school, and High School Social studies education and instruction   Adjunct Professor
Duarte, Maria    Visiting Professor
Duram, David U.S. and World History     Adjunct Professor
Eaton, David Africanist      Associate Professor
Galbraith, Gretchen Modern Britain, History Gender, Education     Professor
Goode, James 20th Century U.S. History, Diplomatic History, Middle East History      Professor
Gottlieb, Gabriele Colonial America, American Revolution, Crime and Punishment     Associate Professor
Hendershot, Gillian Early Modern Europe, Colonial North America, Gender      Adjunct Professor
Huner, Michael Latin American Studies      Assistant Professor
Lingwood, Chad Middle East History      Associate Professor
Montagna, Douglas 19th Century America History, Religion     Associate Professor
Moore, Louis African American History, Sports History, Gender     Associate Professor
Morgan, Stephen European Non-Western History     Visiting Professor
Morison, William History Dept. Chair, Classical Greece & Roman History      Associate Professor
Murphy, Paul 20th Century U.S. History, Cultural History, Intellectual History     Professor
Ostrowski, Max  West Africa, Atlantic World, Modern British Empire & Colonial America   Visiting Professor
O'Neill, Sean Education & American Indian History      Professor
Peterson, Andrew World History     Visiting Professor
Pospisek, Patrick Early American Republic      Adjunct Professor
Salas, Nora Latino/Latina      Assistant Professor
Shan, Patrick East Asia, China       Professor
Shreiner, Tamara Social Studies Education      Assistant Professor
Shapiro-Shapin, Carolyn U.S. History, Medicine, Public Health      Asst. Chair, Professor
Smither, James France, Early Modern Europe, Military History     Professor
Stabler, Scott U.S. Civil War, American Indian Policy, Social Studies Education     Associate Professor
Stark, David Colonial Latin American History, Caribbean and Slavery      Professor
Tate, Sarah  Elementary Social Studies     Affiliate Professor
Tripp, Steve 20th Century U.S. Culture & Society, American masculinities     Professor
Wangdi, Yosay Tibet, South Asia, Himalayas:-History, Culture and Religion; Environmental History    Associate Professor
Warber, Samantha U.S. History     Adjunct Professor
White, Jonathan Military History Interdisciplinary Studies     Professor
Whitney, Gleaves U.S. Presidential History     Adjunct Professor
Wlasiuk, Jonathan  Environmental History, American History, World History     Visiting Professor
Zwart, David Social Studies Education    Assistant Group Social Studies Chair, Assistant Professor