Dr. Mark Schwartz

Photos of The Hirbemerdon Tepe Archaeological Project


Hirbemerdon Tepe 2006

The working team

Group photo near rocks


Working at Hirbemerdon Tepe can be hard and intense ....

Excavation site

Student working in excavation area

Two people talking and looking at ground

Individual with hat and note pad

Man with had pointing to left

Two people with hats digging in excavation site

... but, at the end, people can relax ...

Students getting shade under blue tarp

Workers lying on ground under blue tarp

Man sitting in chair next to ladder

Man with two children at excavation site


... and, enjoy wonderful sunsets by the Tigris River.





Hirbemerdon Tepe 2005


The working team

Group photo


... and Saladin crosses the Tigris!

Man rowing boat

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