HIPAA is a federal law related to health insurance and medical privacy. GVSU is required by law to implement policies and procedures for protecting health information that is contained in the University's health plan. Staff and students who have access to protected health information through clinical placements also must be trained in HIPAA compliance. All employees and students who have access to certain health related information through their work at the university are required to receive training on HIPAA privacy practices. If you are not sure whether you should receive training in this area, please contact your direct supervisor. If you are not required to receive training but are interested in learning more about HIPAA and its impact on GVSU, please feel free to take the following tutorial. If you are one of those identified as needing training, please read each slide of the presentation carefully. You will be asked to identify yourself and to submit the completed program for proof of completion at the end of the presentation.

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  Last Modified Date: June 3, 2009
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