Vision Insurance Summary

If you are enrolled in a University Medical Plan you have a free vision benefit offered by PriorityVison. This plan allows you to receive routine preventive eye exams every two years, while saving you money on your eye care purchases.

The University offers elective Vision coverage through Eyemed Vision Care.  During the open enrollment period, you are given the option to purchase this elective vision coverage from Eyemed Vision Care.  This plan allows you to improve your health through routine eye exams, while saving you money on your eye care purchases.  The elective vision plan is available for all Faculty, Professional Support Staff, Police, Pew Campus Security, Maintenance, Grounds and Service Staff  and Executive, Administrative and Professional staff members with full time appointments (one half-time or more) who are paid on the basis of a fiscal or academic year are eligible to participate in the plan. Visiting Faculty and Adjunct Administrative and Professional staff are not eligible to participate in the elective vision plan.

You are also eligible for vision discounts at any time of the year. Get information on vision discounts available immediately.

If you are looking for more information about Grand Valley's Vision plans or would like to look at the plan documents visit our Benefit Information Center.

Page last modified July 1, 2014