Standing Desks at GVSU

Mary Ziomkowski, GVSU Health Compliance Coordinator, is standing out from the crowd with her very own treadmill desk! Mary has taken the concept of a standing desk one step further by incorporating her work out equipment into her work space! Mary brought the equipment in herself and her husband built the work station to place over the treadmill.

If you are interested in bringing in your own standing desk or treadmill work station discuss the options with your supervisor. GVSU does not provide this equipment for employees, but several departments have begun to incorporate exercise equipment into their work spaces. Stay tuned for more GVSU examples..


Vicki Wenger, Padnos International Center's Office Coordinator, began utilizing her stand up desk in 2012. Vicki had her work station raised so that she can either stand or sit.

In this picture you can see that Vicki also purchased a taller office chair to accommodate the desk height.

Several other staff members in the PIC are using standing desks as well! 


Colleen Bourque, Groundswell Project Coordinator for the College of Education, created her own standing desk from Ikea parts! She has been using the desk in her office located in DeVos. 

Colleen claims that she bought the parts for only $50 and is happy to show her desk to anyone who would like to see it in person.


Other Examples...


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