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Rooms for Nursing Mothers

Rooms for Nursing Mothers Initiative GVSU is striving to make it easier for nursing mothers to maintain breast-feeding after returning to work or school by providing private and comfortable rooms for nursing mothers. In addition to the on campus resources listed below, a comprehensive list of local and community Breastfeeding Resources is available. Click on the video to the left to view photo examples of the available spaces for nursing mothers as well as local and on-campus resources.

Rooms for nursing mothers list

If you are having difficulty making arrangements, please contact the Work Life Connections at 331-8011 or

The benefits of breastfeeding are widely recognized. Breast milk aids in the development of the baby's own immune system and the health benefits of breastfeeding last a lifetime. A breastfed baby is not only less prone to illness, such as ear infections, respiratory disease, digestive illness, SIDs and more, she/he is less likely to contact other diseases throughout life.