Pedometer Challenge

Pedometer Challenge

Open to all GVSU faculty and staff

How to get started: REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Please stay tuned for information about the next Pedometer Challenge. The Challenge usually runs between October/November.

2013 Results

2010 Results

2011 Results

2009 Results

Rules & Regulations

  1. Team captains, organize your team of 4
  2. Select a department to represent
  3. Select a team category (Competitive or Team Goal Challenge)
  4. Get moving!

FREE AGENTSDon't have a team? Email to sign up and we can match you up with other free agents!

Exercise conversion chart

How do we track our team progress? Once the team captain has registered a team, each team member can access the online portal using their Novell username and password to log in. Participants select the "My Team's Entries" tab on the portal to enter steps for the day or to complete the weekly challenges.  


Where do we get a pedometer? If you do not have your own pedometer, one is available for each team member at Lake Michigan Hall 140 at no charge. If you are not located on the Allendale campus, contact us at or call 331-2215 and we can send you one.

How do I record non walking activities? A conversion chart is provided on the "My Team's Entries" tab for activities such as swimming or rollerblading. Click on "New Entry" on the "My Team's Entries" tab and "Need to convert exercise into steps?"

When do I track my entries? It is highly recommended to enter your steps at the end of each day for accuracy. However, participants have the ability to track up to five days prior to the current date.

How does my team calculate our team goal (for Team Goal Challenge Participants Only)?

  1. Each team member determines how many steps they are going to walk each day of the challenge
  2. Add up each team member's individual daily step goal.
  3. Divide by 4 to get the average daily step goal for your team.
  4. Submit your information by completing this form

What are the prize categories and prizes?

GVSU vs. SVSU! The university with the highest step average wins the golden shoe trophy.

The Pedometer Challenge is all about winning prizes with your team.  GVSU teams will either participate in the "Competitive Challenge" or the "Team Goal Challenge, with ways to win prizes for both options.

Competitive Challenge

Prizes will be awarded to all team members from the top 3 teams in the Competitive Challenge category. Teams will be ranked based on their average step total per team member over the course of the 6 week challenge. Individuals in the Competitive Challenge category will also have the opportunity to earn prizes for themselves by meeting their own personal daily average step goal. 
1st Place Team
Celebration lunch provided by Health and Wellness
Gift card to Gazelle Sports for each member
Recognition plaque
2nd Place Team
Gift card to Gazelle Sports for each member
Recognition plaque
3rd Place Team
Gift card to Gazelle Sports for each member
Recognition plaque
Team Goal Challenge
Team goal participants win prizes if their team meets their step average goal set at the beginning of the challenge.
Additional Prize Categories
Winners will receive a recognition plaque and bragging rights!
Most Creative Team Name
Winning Department
Weekly Bonus Step Challenges
Each week a participant who completed the weekly bonus step challenge will be randomly selected to win a $100 gift card* to Gazelle Sports.



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