Rooms for Nursing Mothers

Rooms for Nursing Mothers Initiative

GVSU is striving to make it easier for nursing mothers to maintain breast-feeding after returning to work or school by providing private and comfortable rooms for nursing mothers. In addition to the on campus resources listed below, a comprehensive list of local and community Breastfeeding Resources is available.

Click on the video to the left to view photo examples of the available spaces for nursing mothers as well as local and on-campus resources. 












  • Fieldhouse Women's Restroom 
    Main floor close to the athletics offices, Room B-127
  • Performing Arts Center (PAC) Women's Restroom
    Room 1404
  • Kirkhof Center Women's Restroom
    Room 1252
  • Mackinaw Hall, room B-1-103
  • Mary Idema Pew Library LLC: room #016

Grand Rapids

  • Richard M. DeVos Center 
    Green Room
    Contact Kathleen Wright for availability.
  • Richard M. DeVos Center [COMING SOON!]
    Room 119A
  • Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences [CHS]
    Room 353-A
  • L. William Seidman Center
    Room 1007 (section C)


  • Lake Michigan Center Annis Water Resources Institute
    Room 217
    Room 206

If you are having difficulty making arrangements, please contact the Work Life Connections at 331-8011 or  

The benefits of breastfeeding are widely recognized. Breast milk aids in the development of the baby's own immune system and the health benefits of breastfeeding last a lifetime. A breastfed baby is not only less prone to illness, such as ear infections, respiratory disease, digestive illness, SIDs and more, she/he is less likely to contact other diseases throughout life.  

In addition to the health benefits to the child, breastfeeding may also have potential health benefits for the mother including lower risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hypertension. 
GVSU has recognized the importance of supporting nursing mothers by providing space for nursing faculty, staff and students for the past several years. To continue supporting our nursing mothers, GVSU will ensure that they feel supported in their effort to continue nursing their children after returning to work or school, whether they choose to nurse in public or to take advantage of our Rooms for Nursing Mothers. 

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