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Barbara Brower

Barbara Brower

Barbara Brower, Library Specialist at Grand Valley State University, has been utilizing the Field House pool for 25 years. Her love for exercising in the pool began with a water aerobics class. She continues to exercise once a week in the water to stay active and in shape; but she has also found a new love, yoga.

Barb has always kept an active lifestyle but it wasn't until eight years ago, when she began trying different group fitness classes, that she discovered her love for yoga. She continues to attend the classes because they help strengthen her core muscles.

After sustaining an injury in high school, Barb struggled with lower back pain and arthritis. However, she doesn't let those deter her. She took control of her health and made exercise a priority because she believes that keeping active helps prevent the pain.

Barb not only includes group exercise classes into her workout routine, but also incorporates biking and walking into her active lifestyle as well. She is a firm believer in doing exercises that you enjoy.

Barb says that it’s hard to be motivated to go when it’s raining or snowing but if you have a buddy, they keep you accountable. She encourages other faculty and staff members to join a group or a class.

Exercise is the main component to Barb’s health journey but nutrition is important too. She often struggles with making sure she eats the right amount of vegetables. The GVSU Farmers Market helps her fill this void in her diet.

The market has many loyal customers, Barb included. She is a dedicated supporter of the market and takes full advantage of all of its benefits. She understands the importance of eating healthy and making healthy choices.

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