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Paul Stephenson

Paul Stephenson

Paul Stephenson has worked at Grand Valley State University in the Statistics department for 20 years and currently serves as Faculty Chair. Over the years Paul learned maintaining a healthy lifestyle is difficult. “It’s not easy when you have an academic appointment because there’s always an opportunity to improve what you are doing…you have to make choices” Paul stated. One choice he and his colleagues in the Statistics department make is going for walks during the week. “We have been doing this pretty faithfully for the past few years for about an hour about 3 times a week.” They enjoy walking through the Ravines as well as walking to Brian’s Books and back.

When asked what has been the driving force for a faithful walk over the past few years, Paul said “It’s a time where we can chat and goof off. I can’t honestly say wellness is our overwhelming driving factor that makes us do it, but we enjoy walking and we enjoy each other’s company.” Because of these walks, Paul has developed friendships that not only makes the work environment fun to be around, but makes his day more enjoyable.

Paul stays motivated to continue his walks with an application on his iPad. MyFitnessPal is a nutritional application that keeps track of the number of calories one consumes in a day. The app also allows one to see their past data entry and compares the past days. “Being a statistician, I love entering data and seeing past data to compare where I am now.”

If you are looking to start maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Paul’s advice is to find time. “If you prioritize the time, you can do some level of activity faithfully. It’s so easy to get caught up doing things you love to do and I love statistics. I could spend all my time doing it. You have to decide you’re willing to dedicate the time.”

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