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Eric Garvelink

Eric Garvelink

Eric Garvelink, Club Sports Coordinator and Health & Wellness ambassador, has always had a passion for staying fit and playing a variety of sports. Eric continues to play pick-up basketball as well as intramural sports here at GVSU because he enjoys the competitiveness that sports offer along with the camaraderie that builds between the people who play. However, Eric has experienced several injuries and 4 knee surgeries that made even the average workout lead to tight, sore muscles.

Refusing to give up on his workout routine, Eric created a muscle roller to help him stretch before and after workouts.  “I saw muscle rollers at the store, but in my opinion they were overpriced. So, I decided to create my own.” The creation of the muscle roller eventually extended into a business opportunity and Eric ran with it. 

Eric admits that juggling work, a startup business, and a healthy lifestyle can become stressful. “I use exercise as my stress reliever,” explains Eric, “I constantly think back to my favorite quote, ‘the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary,’ and that keeps me motivated.” Eric is continuously encouraging coworkers and friends to get involved and find their passions, inspiring others to turn setbacks into opportunities. He tells everyone, "Finding a healthy activity that is enjoyable for you is great. Finding a healthy activity that is enjoyable and you can do with others is even better."

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Eric was nominated by his fellow co-worker Valerie Jones in the Office of Student Life. Do you know a co-worker or department who exemplifies healthy living? Nominate someone today!

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