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Ashley McCarter

Ashley McCarter

What does your pre-work routine involve? Ashley McCarter works in the Office of Sponsored Programs, and pulls herself out of bed every morning to start her workout routine at 5:30a.m. Ashley began working at GVSU six months ago. However, she is not new to our Laker family. She is a 2008 Grand Valley Communications major and was born and raised in the Grand Rapids area. With a high prevalence of diabetes in her family and having witnessed her own father suffer from three major strokes, Ashley took control of her health and made exercise a priority.

Upon entering the work force, Ashley made a commitment to herself to be healthy and to feel better. What began as a walking routine has evolved into an early morning cardio and strength training workout at Champion Fitness, Ashley’s local gym. Buying a membership, she said, has been crucial to her success in continuing to work out. The accountability of having to go somewhere to work out, especially somewhere you pay for, makes it easier for her to get up early to work out, so she has time later in the day for family and friends. Her friends are also a great source of accountability for Ashley and she recommends having a few people to text or call when you need motivation.

Ashley participated in a group exercise class this past semester, but was unable to complete the class due to health complications of her own. Ashley suffers from vertigo which can disrupt vision and balance by creating the illusion of movement. While it does limit what she can do, Ashley manages her symptoms by attending physical therapy and is still able to complete fast-paced workouts such as running and Zumba! Exercise is the main component to Ashley’s health journey but nutrition is important too. She says, "Diets don’t work for me, but I do believe ‘everything in moderation’ is key. If you want a cookie, eat a cookie.”

The biggest advice Ashley would like to share with fellow faculty and staff members is, “Be consistent! Work out at the same time every day and your body will regulate to that schedule, making it much easier to get up and get moving.”

Sample week of Ashley's work out:

  • Monday: Elliptical 40 min & Abs
    (high intensity pre-set program)
  • Tuesday: Treadmill 10 min & Arms & Abs
    (25lb weights/each arm)
  • Wednesday: Zumba 60min
  • Thursday: Elliptical 10 min & Legs & Abs
    (squats (with 30lb weight), lunges)
  • Friday: Elliptical 40 min & Abs
    (high intensity pre-set program)

Do you know a co-worker or department who exemplifies healthy living? Nominate someone today!

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