Loss of Spouse, Household Member or Dependent

  • Notify the Benefits Office within 30 days of death
  • Bring in a copy of the Death Certificate

Other things to consider:

  • Change Financial/Banking information
    • Auto Insurance
    • Direct Deposit
    • Credit Cards
    • Checking/Savings account
    • Mortgage
    • Other Investment Accounts
  • Feel free at any time to contact our Worklife Consultant Sue Sloop.
  • GVSU Work Life Connections is your link to information, resources, and referrals on most any concern or life event that you may experience. Through our employee assistance service, Encompass, we can assist you in getting the support, information and answers that you need, get you on the right track again, and take some of the stress out of your life.
  • Encompass will provide:
    • Free Counseling for faculty, staff and their dependents
    • Elder Care Resource and Referral
    • Child Care Referrals
    • Financial and Legal Services
    • Convenience Services and more!