Fruit and Veggie Challenge for Faculty and Staff


Five fruits and vegetables a day is not always so easy to obtain. Gain the support and accountability you need with this challenge. Weekly goal setting, recipes, meal plans and more help motivate you to work toward your daily fruit and vegetable recommendations. Each week, participants will receive a new goal to meet and qualify for prizes! The Fruit & Vegetable Challenge runs from June 17th until July 22.


  1. Sign up on seminar by June 14th at 5pm.
  2. Track your fruit and vegetable intake each day with a tracker and submit at the end of the week through the online form Here and qualify to win prizes.
  3. Participate in the optional weekly farmers market scavenger hunt to win additional prizes! Each week a new challenge will be presented to participants with recipes and tips.


A Submit your Fruit & Veggie intake at the end of every week.

Use the online form: Here at the end of each week.


REGISTER NOW (Registration Deadline is June 14th at 5pm)


  • Each week there will be a drawing for a free lunch at the GVSU Farmers’ Market or through campus dining for those that submit their intake will be eligible.
  • Each week participants receive a new scavenger hunt list to take with them to the GVSU Farmers Market (and/or another local market). Find all items on the list to be eligible to win a Farmers Market produce basket!
  • Participants who meet the recommended fruit and vegetable guidelines each week during the challenge will be entered to win a JUICER!



Sick and tired of donuts and bagels during meetings? Make a movement in your department to offer healthier snacks like fruits and veggies to help support healthy choices. Submit a Healthy Meetings Application on behalf of your department before the end of the challenge and be eligible for a $100 Wellness grant to spend on creating a healthier environment for your department!


Recommendations According to The American Cancer Society:

Fruit: 1 ½ -2 cups daily
Vegetables: 2-2 ½ cups daily

Fruit: 2 cups daily
Vegetables: 2 ½ -3 cups daily


Fruit and Vegetable portion sizes
Fruits and Veggies-More Matters



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