Fit Camp

Fit Camp

Are you ready to take your fitness level to  the next step? Small group instruction is an alternative to one-on-one training. Whether it be for fat loss, general conditioning, or elite level athletics, the added motivation of having others working out in the same room with you pushes you to a new effort level. You will receive accountability, motivation, support, experience and guidance to reach your fitness goals at an economical rate. Class size is limited to 8 people.


Class Days and Times

Fit Camp Pew T/TH 4:15-5pm Winter Hall Fitness Room
Fit Camp Allendale M/W 6:45am-7:30am FH B160

Participants sign up for a primary group, but if you have to miss a day, you can make up classes at either location or complete up to 4 make up forms.

   Fit Camp Spring/Summer 2014
May 12-August 8 

Cost: $60 for new participants. Those who meet the attendance requirements have the opportunity to apply the registration fee to the next series. 

Register online
Cost: $60

Detailed class schedule

How many classes (if any) can I miss, not fill out a make-up form, and still have the fee waived for the next series?
Participants are allowed to miss 4 classes plus 4 makeup forms (8 total classes missed to apply payment to the next session).

How many classes can I fill out make-up workout forms for if I miss? (is there a max before they just count as missed?)

How many cycles will the $60 fee last for if I attend the required number of classes? (Does the $60  last indefinitely if you have good attendance or is there a cycle of pay once for 3 sessions per calendar year- fall- winter- summer?)

The registration fee applies for the entire year if the attendance policy is met. If participants pay for one session and miss no more than 8 classes (4 missed, 4 made up) the fee applies to the next session and each following session. 

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