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Salary Continuation / Income Protection

The University provides a salary continuation program that includes 100% salary protection for up to six months in the event of unforeseen medical and personal circumstances which do not allow you to continue work. This program is intended only as a form of insurance and is subject to careful scrutiny by each appointing officer. The appointing officer may, at any time, require proof that the absence is appropriate. Salary continuation is effective upon employment. Coverage terminates on the final day of employment.

Salary Continuation may be approved only for the following reasons:

Faculty/staff member's child birth, illness, injury, hospitalization, and appointments pertaining to health. In cases of injuries compensable under worker's compensation or no fault auto insurance, salary continuation may be used to the extent that the payments fail to equal the staff member's regular base earnings. 

Faculty/staff member's child, step child, foster child, spouse, household member or parent's illness, injury, hospitalization and appointments pertaining to health (limited to a reasonable amount).

The death of a faculty/staff member's child, step child, foster child, spouse, household member, brother, brother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent or grandparent-in-law.

Attendance at a funeral other than above (maximum one day).

Inclement weather causing unusually hazardous conditions which necessitates the closing of the University.

Extended Leave Of Absence (LOA)

When your six months of salary continuation pay has been exhausted, and you continue to be unable to perform the duties of your position due to your illness or injury you may request to be placed on an extended leave of absence, which is a maximum of twelve months. The extended leave provides you a total of eighteen months of leave from your last day worked. Your request must be made thirty days prior to the expiration of your salary continuation period. 

If you are released to work during your extended LOA, you will be offered the next available position for which you are qualified. If you are unable to return to work by the end of your extended LOA , your employment with the university will end at that time. Your LOA may be further extended by discussion and mutual agreement with the university if you are able to return to work shortly after the eighteen month period. If you elect COBRA medical coverage you will be responsible for paying your share of the premiums. For the first twelve months the university will pay the remaining portion of the premium during your extended leave.

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