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Faculty Staff Assistance Plan

 Grand Valley State University

Faculty/Staff Assistance Plan (FSAP)


The Services offered by Encompass are designed to help you and your family resolve problems and cope with life's everyday challenges. Encompass understands how personal problems can affect both your home and work life, and they know you don't want to wait until those problems overwhelm you or jeopardize your work life.

If a crisis occurs, Encompass will see you on that same day or provide immediate referral for the type of problem you are facing. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, every day, by our professional staff.

 It's Confidential At Encompass, privacy is important. You are assured of privacy at all times, beginning with their private waiting rooms. No information is ever released without your written consent. All records are maintained according to state and federal confidentiality guidelines -  It's Confidential and separate from any of your personnel files or medical records. Encompass is HIPAA compliant.

 We are just a phone call or on-line click away. If you are trying to deal with family or marital conflict, stress or anxiety, grief or depression, alcohol or drug problems, or even relocation issues, Encompass can help - Just call 800-788-8630  to access services or schedule an appointment . 

 The call center is standing by and ready to assist you with information, tools or referrals to other appropriate agencies or programs. Encompass pledges to help you get answers!


Can my spouse or household member use this service? Yes.
Encompass is available to all employees and their immediate families.

What Will Encompass Cost Me? This is part of your benefits package. GVSU recognizes that personal problems may affect your work, family, health or well-being. Encompass has been selected by GVSU to provide support services to enhance your work, life and overall well-being.

Encompass personal consultants may suggest community resources in your area for additional assistance and makes every effort to coordinate those suggestions with your existing health insurance coverage.

Resources available to you are:

Family Conflict or Care Issues
Anxiety or Stress
Work Life Balance Concerns
financial or legal issues

Encompass wants to ensure that whatever the issue or necessity, that you know you can rely on them to meet those needs, whether on-line, on-site or on-call. They are flexible, convenient and your well-being is their top-priority.





 Strengthening People w Performance w Productivity

For information, appointments or locations, call: (616) 459-9180
Michigan Toll Free: 800-877-0770
Nationwide Toll Free: 800-788-8630

On-Site appointments are scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST. Monday through Friday





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