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Be Active

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off campus facilities

Informal Recreational Opportunities at GVSU

health coaching

Our mission is to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles for faculty and staff to enhance the quality of life among the GVSU community. Leading an active lifestyle is an important component to living better by choice. The following resources can help you either jump-start or continue a life on the move!

Healthy Challenges

  • Competition Nutrition March 21-April 29
    • Weekly drawing for anyone who tracks fruit and veggie intake: 2 Meijer Gift cards ($25 value each)
    • End of program drawing. Participants are eligible if fruit and veggie intake is tracked for 30 days: 4 gift cards ($45 value each)-choice of either Downtown Market Cooking class or Meijer gift card.
    • Everyone who tracks fruit and veggies for 30 days will earn a bamboo cutting board.
  • 5/3 Riverbank Run Corporate Challenge
    • We’ve created a GVSU Faculty and Staff team that will participate in all of the Fifth Third River Bank Run events on May 14, 2016.  Our team’s combined efforts (total employees participating vs. our company size) will determine the Priority Health Corporate Challenge winner.  Teams compete based on size of the company so we will compete against companies that are close to our size.

Nutrition and fitness challenges will help you keep up the motivation!

Being Active On Campus

Fieldhouse and Recreation Center

The Fieldhouse is home to Laker Athletics, Campus Recreation, the Recreation Center,  Climbing Center, and Aquatic Center. Whether your goals are exercise and fitness, strength training, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, or to become a fan of Laker Athletics, our facilities and staff are here to serve you!

Fieldhouse Track

Off Campus Facilities

Gym Discounts & YMCA Membership

Gym Discounts