5k Training

Train your way from the couch to a 5k run! Participants will receive training plans and accountability to build their stamina to run the GVSU Family Weekend 5k October 5th.

This program takes place every Wednesday August 14-October 2.
Open to all GVSU faculty, staff and family members.
Participants meet at the entrance to the Kelly Family Sports Center ready to start at 12pm
Week 1 Training Handout-Health benefits from running
Week 2 Training Handout-Proper running techniques
Week 3 Training Handout-Breathing technique
Week 4 Training Handout-Running clothes
Week 5 Training Handout-Indoor vs. outdoor running
Week 6 Training Handout-Shoes
Week 7 Training Handout-Nutrition
Week 8 Training Handout-Common running injuries

Walking routes on campus

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