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2013 Pedometer Challenge Results

The 2013 Pedometer Challenge is all about winning prizes with your team [and getting active of course]! This year's GVSU Pedometer Challenge teams participated in the "Competitive Challenge" and the "Team Goal Challenge" with ways to win prizes for both options. We are now proud to announce the 2013 winners:

2013 Winners

1st Place

The Runaways Ronda Huster, Wanda Isenga, Maria Jaramillo-Gonzalez, Aaron Velting

2013 Runner-Ups

2nd Place

Shoeshank Redemption Shawn Evans, Michael Posthumus, Shawn Bultsma 
*Not pictured: Nagnon Diarrassouba

2013 3rd Place

3rd Place

Dev Destroyers Andrew Bixel, Amy Bross, Michelle Olmsted, Jennifer Wardrop

Amy Bross


Highest Step Total: Amy Bross

Witness the Fitness

Most Creative Name

Witness the Fitness Tina Lee, Susan Naber, Melissa Peraino, Kate VanDerKolk


100% Participation

Business and Finance Office Lu Brown, Valerie Rhodes- Sorrelle, Deb Vander Wal, Audra Courtade, Kay Klosowski, Star Raymond, Jody Tenckinck

CLAS Advising Center

100% Participation

CLAS Academic Advising Center Heather Chafin, Juanita Davis, Brian Eikenhout, Joanie Hodson, Nykia Gaines, Jo Ann Litton, Jen Oza, Nick Woodward, Julie Amon, Brittany Holzueter, Betty Schaner, Cheng (Joanne) Tan

Office of Sponsored Programs

100% Participation

Office of Sponsored Programs Christine Chamberlain, Shirley Dilworth, Robert Smart, Casey Thelenwood

[Photo Not Yet Available.]

100% Participation

 LGBT Resource Center Carrie Christian, Lindsay Greyerbiehl, Emily West, Colette Seguin Beighley