Randomish!, much like the more popular and slightly more famous Saturday Night Live, is a show comprised of many smaller short skits. Each episode of Randomish! contains 4-5 sketches. Rather than being performed live though, the skits are filmed ahead of time, and edited much like a normal TV show or film would be. These short skits are then wrapped up into a nice, neat package called Randomish! and delivered to students all across campus.



Here’s what you'd see on Randomish!:

Short films
Short episodic tales or reoccurring skits
Student work from classes
Fake interviews
Ridiculous infomercials and much more!

Check out Randomish!'s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/randomishgvtv

Here's a sketch from the show!

Produced by: Zander Riggs

Page last modified November 14, 2011