Jonas Wilson (Phil Sieb) is a twenty-something part-time student, part-time employee of a local record store, down the road from his apartment. He has a terrible car, too many bills to pay, and a nagging habit of showing up late to class. Yet, surrounded by good friends like Jack (Lyle Davis III), Jolene (Kristy Eason), and Sam (Colin Buckley), Jonas is able to take his life problems in stride. Until now. What Jonas doesn’t know is that tomorrow he will be facing one of the biggest dilemmas of his life. The quarter-life crisis.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Zak (Mike McCarty) and Sara (Leah Vukovich) spend their time arguing over everything you could imagine, and then some. Sara is a driven, hard working student hell bent on making a place for herself in the world, while Zak ponders what he thinks to be the bigger question of why. Together these stories intertwine, bridge gaps, and affect one anothers’ destinies without them even knowing it. Welcome to Quarter Life.

The Grand Valley State University’s GVTV's Quarter Life is a triumph in perseverance. Shot with no budget by college students volunteering their free time, the show manages to pack both comedic and dramatic punches, while adhering to a style all its own. Set to the soundtrack of talented indie bands like Schaeffer, Red Herring, and Duffy, Quarter Life rocks the foundations of student filmmaking. Take or leave it, this is the result.

Creator: Phil Sieb
Producer: Chelsea Micinski

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