So you love GVTV and GVSU so much that you want to pitch a show? Well, that is so awesome we can not even begin to describe how happy we are to hear that! 

Here are some pointers on how to pitch a show.

1. Be Prepared

Come prepared to pitch you show, we recommend having an outline, a script, character biographies, a log line, and/or a presentation to show the general assembly (who will be voting on your show).

2. Why GVTV?

We're excited to have you pitch your show and want to have it made and broadcasted by GVTV, but first, you should be able to answer these three questions:

  • Why should your show get picked up over all the others?
  • Will members benefit from your show? If so, then why?
  • How hands on do you want to be? Very or not at all? Know your role!

3. TV Show basics (The Three Questions)

So, you've answered the questions above, now we'd like you to be able to answer these questions regarding your show:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Will your entire production focus on members being included?
  • What is your school workload, and, if you plan on playing a large role, do you have a plan to balance your life, school, and television production?

And that's it! 

Here's a link to the PowerPoint used in the GVTV meetings each year to help our members pitch a show.


A big part of our organization is allowing members to vote for the content they will help produce and ultimately watch on our station. We want to provide the highest quality of television possible, and we put the judging of the quality of the content in the hands of all of the members of our organization.

Page last modified September 7, 2011