50 years in the future, there is another cold war between the U.S. and the Russians. Over a farmer's garden, a nuclear bomb goes off, but it was a dud. It doesn't destroy anything, but the radiation causes all the plants to come to life. Millie the flower, along with his two friends Cliff the rock and Tardy the snail, go on adventures in the garden of this strange new world, fighting off sadistic sprinklers and rabbits that breathe fire and shoot lasers from their eyes.

Millie the Flower that Failed is a high-brow comedy with strong production values and a gripping story. It is currently in production and working on completing its first episodes. It should begin airing in Fall, 2009 TBA.

Millie is always looking for people to help out and join in on the fun. The most in-demand positions at the moment are for artists (Illustrator) and animators (Flash), but voice actors, sound people, writers, and anything really are welcome.

Producer: Michael Prokopchuk

Currently on hiatus

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