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Quotes from the creator about the show:

"Lahar is a deconstruction of the 'This Day in History' genre, probably."

"We gained as many as 7 animators during season 2.  Now I'm back down to 1.  That is why it's taking so long lately."

"By the way, lahar is the Indonesian word for a mudslide off a volcano.  I've tried very hard to make a metaphor out of that, but really, it's just that the show needed a title and that was the word my finger landed on when I opened the dictionary."

"For some reason the burning orphans episode is quite popular."

Fun Facts About Lahar:

  • You can’t run from history
  • An unstoppable force—of knowledge
  • May drown and entomb the unprepared
  • A three-minute satirical dig at this week in history.

 Creator/Producer: Steven Bellettini

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