Q: Where can I watch GVTV?
You can watch GVTV on any TV hooked up on the Allendale or Grand Rapids campus. Just tune into channel 10. We currently do not broadcast off-campus, but are working on getting our content up online so everyone can join in on the fun.

Q: How do I join GVTV, and when do you meet?
A: It's very easy to join! Our meetings our held on Wednesday evenings at 9:15 pm in Room 176 of Lake Ontario Hall. When you arrive, ask for "Stephanie" the Personnel Director. She will ask you to fill out a short form so that we have your contact information, and also point you in the right direction of finding something that you want to do.

Q: Do I have to be a film and video major to join? Are there any experience requirements?
A: No!  GVTV welcomes anyone from any discipline, and we encourage non film and video or broadcast majors to join. No experience at all is necessary, just a willingness to learn. Part of the purpose of this station is to teach other students the art of video production and to share knowledge. If you don't know how to do something, we'll teach you!

Q: I have an idea for a show. How do I get it on your station?
A: GVTV is always looking for new programming. Whether you have just an idea in your head, or a full pitch with scripts ready and a cast standing by, we are interested in hearing from you! Watch for Pitch Night announcements.

Q: Do I have to already be a member to pitch a show? Are there any experience requirements?
A: Again, no. If you're already a member, that's great, but we won't count it against you if you've never been to a meeting before. Everyone is given a fair chance when pitching a show.

Q: I really am just interested in writing/directing/acting in the show I pitched. Do I have to produce it too?
A: No. You can take on as much or as little work with your show as you want. GVTV exists as a resource to help cast and crew shows, as no single person should have do a show by themselves.

Q: I'm a part of the organization, but I feel lost and don't have anything to do.
A: If you're already a member and don't know what to do, or feel like you'd rather do something else, see our Personnel Manager, Stephanie, or any of the E-Board members listed on the Contact page.

Q: I am an actor/animator/sound person. Is there something for me to do in acting/animation/ etc.?
Yes! GVTV has a wide variety of shows already in production that utilize people with many different talents who would be more than happy to add you to their team.

Q: Can I view the shows online?
A: We are in the process of putting all of our shows online for ease of viewing. For more information on where you can watch each show, please try to contact the producer(s) of the show you are interested in watching.

Page last modified September 7, 2011