Sexual Assault Procedures

Law Enforcement Options/Considerations

Victims of sexual assault are encouraged to contact the campus police. Officers can assist victims in connecting with a variety of services including contacting the Counseling Center, transportation to a nurse examiner program, obtaining a personal protection order, or contacting other police agencies in the event that the assault did not occur on campus.

Victims should be aware that just because they contact the campus police department, this does not mandate they make an official police report. Officers will assist victims by notifying them of various options they have in reporting the incident and will respect the choices made by the victim, including non-reporting. If the victim wants an investigation, officers will contact appropriate personnel to assist. If the victim prefers to speak with a female officer, every reasonable attempt will be made to make one available.

Health/Personal Safety Considerations

YWCA of Grand Rapids

Center for Women in Transition

University Judicial Options/Considerations

Victims of sexual assault that occur on university property and/or by another Grand Valley student may file a judicial referral with the coordinator for university judiciary. This referral can be filed regardless of whether the victim decides to file criminal charges.

With regard to the university judicial process, victims will be treated with respect and sensitivity at all times.

Michigan Law

Sexual Assault Programs