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Opportunities in Criminal Justice


Program Rationale

Grand Valley State University, by its very nature, is a place for higher learning and the police department here at the university is certainly no exception to the rule. The department already takes an active role in employing students and educating them through their observations of the workings of the department, but many more lessons can be taught to students through more formalized and structured programs offered here.

Program Descriptions

These opportunities enable participants to learn more about the profession of law enforcement and other jobs that are contained within the field of criminal justice. Participants will gain knowledge, skills, and understanding about the field of law enforcement to determine if this career path is the correct fit for those interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice.

Intended Outcomes

  • Identify various career paths in the field of criminal justice
  • Differentiate between fact and fiction in the field of criminal justice
  • Obtain knowledge of various requirements for different career paths in the field
  • Obtain information about entrance into the police academy


Resource Links

GVSU Police Academy

GVSU School of Criminal Justice

Police Ride Along

Police Internship Program

Program Themes


Opportunities in Criminal Justice


Metro High School Police Academy

Career Fair Opportunities: