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Designated Safety Areas

  1. The university has designated areas for the sheltering of the campus community. Placards have been placed at most main entrances to academic buildings alerting each occupant of the designated shelter location. Placards are also placed at the designated shelter location. These placards are the same throughout the university.
  2. In the event the locations listed below do not provide enough space, direct people to a lower level room with interior walls and without windows.

The following areas are recommended as the gathering areas in each building:


ACES Restrooms
Alumni House Basement
Art Gallery Support Facility Restrooms and Room 121
AuSable Hall Corridors C-105 & C-108, Room 1152
Calder Art Center All restrooms, Rooms 1214, 1313, 1504,
1510, 1715, 1811 and 1815 Calder Living Center Main level hallways, away from windows
Campus Health Center Restrooms and 127, 211
Central Utilities Building Basement, Northwest corner of tunnel
Children's Center Restrooms
Commons Restrooms, Room 100
Cook-Dewitt Restrooms and storage room
Fieldhouse Lower two floors (excluding Arena & Rec Center)
Frey Living Center First floor hallway, away from windows
Grand Valley Apts. Laundry rooms and lower level of building away from windows
Henry Hall 1st Floor - LTT lecture halls, restrooms
2nd Floor - corridors and interior rooms 3rd Floor - restrooms Hills Living Center First Floor hallway, away from windows
Instructional Tech Bldg. Move to Central Utilities Building
Kelly Family Sports Center Men's and Women's locker rooms
Kirkhof Center Lowest floor west side/hallway/theatre area
Kleiner Commons Restrooms, storage room east side of building
Lake Huron Hall First floor corridors, lecture rooms
Lake Michigan Hall Basement, first floor lecture rooms
Lake Ontario Hall All restrooms and Rooms 164, 168, 174 and 178
Lake Superior Hall Basement, first floor lecture rooms
Laker Village Storage room under stairs
Laker Village Community Buildings Restrooms
Living Centers I, II, III, IV Lower level restrooms
Mackinac Hall A Wing : 1st floor - All interior classrooms & restrooms
B Wing: LL- Entire level 1st floor - All interior classrooms and restrooms 2nd floor - All interior classrooms and restrooms Stairwell 7 and 8 C Wing: 1st floor: Room 114 and restrooms 2nd floor - Room C-2-403, C-2-404 and restrooms D Wing: 1st floor - All interior classrooms & restrooms 2nd floor - Rooms D-2-107, 109, 127, 129 and restrooms Manitou Hall First floor lecture rooms, restrooms, central hall between lecture/classrooms
Mary Idema Pew Library Learning & Information Commons 1st Floor - Restroom area: Rooms: 118,119,120
Concourse: Restroom Areas, connecting hall between Kirkhof and Library: C-008 Meadows Clubhouse Women's locker room, hall in front of locker room, and basement
Meadows Learning Center Go to Meadows Clubhouse if possible or restroom
Meadows Maintenance Bldg. Locker room and restroom
Murray Living Center Restrooms
North A & B Living Center Lower level restrooms
North C Living Center First floor hallway, away from windows
Niemeyer Living Center - Honors College Public Restrooms (Rooms 109/110 and 209/210)
Niemeyer Living Center - Honors Housing Bathrooms
Padnos Hall 1st & 2nd Floors - any room without windows 3rd Floor
NE stairwell to lowest level, SW stairwell to basement Papa Johns Pizza Restrooms
Performing Arts Center Rooms 1210, 1206, restrooms, hallway east side of LAT
Hallway by Rooms 1128, 1211, 1127, 1407, 1500, 1510, 1501 Ravine Apartments First floor restrooms or kitchen areas
Ravine Center Room behind information desk and restrooms
Residence Halls First, second floor corridors
Seidman House Restrooms on lower level
Service Building Skunkworks, Conference Room D and F, restrooms
South B Living Center Restrooms
South C Living Center Recycling room 110, interior stairwells, 1st floor interior corridors, 1st floor unisex restroom
South D Living Center Recycling room 127, interior stairwells, 1st floor interior corridors, 1st floor unisex restroom
South E Living Center Recycling room 106, interior stairwells, 1st floor interior corridors, 1st floor unisex restroom
Student Services Bldg, by Area
Second Floor South Side Career Services Counseling Centers Records Housing International Affairs, Financial Aid and Student Employment
Any restroom or corridor (CC304) by emergency stairs
Emergency stairs, and CS4 Rooms C266-C270 Corridor (CC205) by emergency stairs Room C147 Corridor (CC102) by emergency stairs Corridor (CC101) south of fire doors (this door must be closed) The Connection Interior corridor C-102, East stairwell S-2 and all restrooms
University Guest condo Lower Level
West A & B Living Centers Lower Level Restrooms
Zumberge Hall Rooms 1041, 1119, 2062, 3041, 3123, 3041, 3123, 4041, 4126, all restrooms, center and north stairwells


Bike Factory NW enclosed stairwell, all restrooms
College of Ed Bldg (632 Fulton) Restrooms
Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences 1st Floor - Rooms 113, 115, 127 hallways C-104
& C-106 2nd Floor - Rooms 209, 211, 233, hallways C-204 & C-206 Depot Restrooms
DeVos Center
Building A & B - 1st Floor Building A & B - 2nd Floor Building C - 1st Floor Building C - 2nd Floor Building C - 3rd Floor Building C - 4th Floor Building C - 5th Floor Building D & E - 1st Floor Building D & E - 2nd Floor Building E - 3rd Floor Rooms 127A, 125A and all restrooms Go to 1st Floor - 127A, 125A and all restrooms NE Stairwells, receiving area - Room 126C W&E Stairwells, W&E restrooms, Rooms 215C and 217C W&E Stairwells, W&E restrooms, Room 313C and 315C W&E stairwell, W&E restrooms, Rooms 410C, 415C, 416C and 421C Rooms 510C and 511C Restrooms, Rooms 117E, 119E, 136E, 138E, 122E Restrooms, Rooms 205E, 207E, 223E Restrooms, Rooms 305E, 307E, 323E Eberhard Center 1st Floor - Hallways of WGVU-TV
2nd Floor - Room 215 3rd Floor - Rooms 312, 313, and 314 4th Floor - Rooms 410, 416, 417, 418 and 419 5th Floor - Room 512 6th Floor - Room 614 7th Floor - Room 718b 8th Floor - Room 807, restrooms, then move to lower floors 9th Floor - Room 912, restrooms, kitchen area, then move to lower floors Keller Engineering Building Restrooms
Kennedy Hall of Engineering Rooms 122, 124 and 135
Secchia Hall Restrooms
Seidman Center 1st Floor - Restroom and Rooms 1013, 1019, 1056 and 1077
3rd Floor - Rooms 3005 Winter Hall Restrooms
Nursing - Family Health Center Interior exam rooms

LAKE MICHIGAN CENTER - MUSKEGON Men's & Women's restrooms - 1st Floor
Field Station - Rooms 104, 106, 109 and 111 MAREC Men's restroom - 1st Floor
MEIJER CAMPUS - HOLLAND Rooms 133, 139, 141 and restrooms