Grand Valley Police Department

Crime Prevention

Program Rationale

GVSU Police Department’s top priority is providing you with a safe campus.  While Grand Valley State University is a safe campus it’s important that everyone within our community takes responsibility for there own personal safety. Tragedy provides an unfortunate reminder of the importance of being prepared for disaster to strike.  A campus can only be as safe and prepared as the community allows it to be.

Our police department encourages everyone within this environment to be alert, aware and responsible for themselves, others and the community by taking advantage of the educational opportunities regarding safety.

Program Overview

Participants will learn that the proper attitudes and actions can protect you, your belongings, other individuals and the campus by reducing risk and opportunity for unfortunate events to occur. Remember not all emergency situations are the same. It is up to you to take initiative.

Historically, the primary goal of crime prevention has been to apprehend criminals. Although this goal is still important, the goal of preventing crime and also reducing the cost of crime has taken on significant importance. Our goal is to help individuals prevent crime by helping them make decisions in their every day lives to reduce the opportunity for crime to occur, whether on campus or not. Participants will learn about three elements that must be present for a crime to occur; desire, ability, and opportunity. This is also known as the crime triangle. A person may “want” to commit a crime, and have the “ability” to commit a crime, but if we deny them the “opportunity,” then no crime can be committed.
Intended Outcomes
  • Participants will learn about crimes that students are frequently victims of while in college.
  • Participants will be introduced to simple preventative measures that they can implement to avoid being a victim of a crime.
  • Participants will be introduced to connecting with police resources in addition to properly report a crime and why.

Common Questions
Q. Is there crime on Grand Valley’s Campus?
A. Yes, Property crimes are the most frequently reported crime on campus, most often crimes of opportunity that could be prevented. Property crimes commonly involve a permanent deprivation of items by way of theft, breaking, damaging, or defrauding.

Q: Could you specifically touch on specific crimes?
A. Yes, consider our specialized event to address on-going situations regarding crime or university rule violations in your area. We will work with you to create the program that will address the concerns of your community.
Program Themes
Schemes, Scams, and Swindles: - Fraud
Learn how victims are selected and targeted, and learn how to avoid becoming a victim.  We will discuss various types of fraud – including typical scams as well as some of the newer methods being used today.  Also, learn what steps to take if you become a victim.
Where’s my Underwear:  - Property Crime Prevention
This program offers a clever way for officers to introduce the realities of college living and responsible property ownership.  Officers will discuss trends and causes regarding theft and property damage and fraud.  Learn about individual awareness and discover tips on how to keep yourself and your community a safe place. 
Specialized Program: - Crime Prevention
With advance notice this program could be customized to address specific events, crime trends, university rule violations, or safety issues occurring currently within a specific area on the university.  The community could be educated on tips and tools to utilize in address these concerns to stop unwanted activity and afford an opportunity for a safer environment. 

Page last modified February 9, 2011