Grand Valley Police Department

Chapter 1: Traffic

1.1: References in Code: References in the Uniform Traffic Code for Michigan Cities, Townships and Villages to “governmental unit” shall mean Grand Valley State University (GVSU).

1.2: Vehicles Prohibited: The following vehicles are not permitted on campus unless written permission is obtained from the Director of Public Safety or the Director of Security, notwithstanding the mention of same in the Uniform Traffic Code adopted in Section 1.1 hereof:

            1.2.1: Snowmobiles

            1.2.2: Off-road motorcycles

            1.2.3: All-terrain vehicles

            1.2.4: Recreational vehicles parked overnight

            1.2.5: Non-traditional vehicles (i.e. – golf carts, dune buggies, go-carts, etc.)

1.3: Sidewalk & Landscape Restriction: Sidewalks and walkways are restricted to pedestrian, bicycle, and motorized wheelchair use only. It is illegal to drive or park a moped, motorcycle or other motor vehicle on a sidewalk or walkway without permission from a Campus Safety office. Landscaping is restricted to pedestrian traffic only.

1.4: Speed Limit: The speed limit on campus is 25 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.

1.5: Accidents: All accidents occurring on campus must be reported to the appropriate Campus Safety office immediately.

1.6: Violations – contact not required: If a driving or parking infraction is observed by Campus Safety and immediate contact is not possible or may jeopardize the safety of the officer or others, a citation may be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle without contact at the time of the violation.

1.7: Owner Responsibility: Citations and fines will be assigned to the registrant of any valid permit displayed on the vehicle. If a permit is not displayed, the registered owner of the vehicle will be held responsible.

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