Grand Valley Police Department

Alcohol Awareness Programs


Program Rationale

It is our intent to encourage participants to be alert, aware, and responsible for themselves, others, and their community by aiding in making responsible educated choices regarding alcohol.

Program Overview

The police department offers a broad range of programming specific to alcohol awareness. A strong partnership has been developed with Alcohol Campus Education and Services (ACES) to co-program a number of seminars and courses. Most alcohol awareness programs include information about drinking related laws, university statistics, university policies, consequences and/or unintended consequences for underage drinking, drunk driving and binge drinking.  Other sessions may include information on the impact of alcohol on relationships, community, academics, and other areas of student life. Students will also learn about how to identify, avoid, and manage an alcohol overdose situation.

Intended Outcomes
• Identify laws and consequences of inappropriate drinking behaviors.  
• Familiarize participants with alcohol poisoning situations and responsible remedies. 
• Introduce participants to responsible alcohol consumption strategies and alternatives.
• Encourage those participating to be alert, aware, and responsible for themselves, others and the community.
Common Questions:

Q. Can I do more than one activity or theme? 
A. Yes, however time is a factor and we would request you contact us in advance for specialized events.
Q.  Are these anti-alcohol programs?
A.  No, our programs encourage individual awareness and harm reduction for self, others and the community.  The focus will be on responsible decision making with an understanding of possible outcomes. 
Program Themes / Titles
Alcohol and Athletic Performance:  Whether you are working out to stay in shape, a member on a University team, or participating in intramural sports, athletes of all types are a special designation of students that are uniquely affected by alcohol.  This program addresses the negative impact of alcohol on athletic performance for those who choose to drink. The ACES Office and GVSU Police Department work together to present this awe shocking program.
Truth Lies Consequences: This LIB 100 approved event was designed to illuminate the truths, facts, and consequences of college drinking.  The ACES Office and GVSU Police Department work together to present this reality based program.  Grand Valley students are the focus as we discuss the differences between social drinkers and binge drinkers, and also cover the potential consequences of underage and excessive drinking.  Health and Legal consequences are also brought into focus.
"Shots with Cops":  An alcohol awareness program with a twist.  Learn about alcohol laws, alcohol overdoses, and date-rape drugs.  Learn how to party smart and safely.  If provided by sponsors, participants may get to sample "mocktail" drinks (non-alcoholic drinks) and get an action photo of a police officer "arresting" them to send home to mom and dad to request "bail money"! 
Binge Drinking / Drunk Driving:  Learn about the dangers of binge drinking and drunk driving.  Learn how to "party smart" and the importance of designated drivers.  Learn about local resources for transportation and counseling.  This is not an anti-alcohol program, but it is about responsible drinking behaviors.
"Keg Party" With the Cops: Participants share a keg with the cops....a keg of root beer, of course!  Another alcohol awareness program with a different theme.
“Mock-tails Party”:  This has been a very successful program in previous years regarding alcohol consumption.  “Mock tails” (non-alcoholic drinks) are served, and the recipes for the non-alcoholic drinks are provided with an educational component of to learn how to party responsibly. 
Fatal Vision:  A mix between education and entertainment, this program introduces the risks of drinking and driving, and integrates drunk goggles with balance and coordination activities.


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