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GVSU president and student leader address state aid

  • Haas (left) and Trombka

Posted on September 25, 2009

The following message was sent September 25 to Grand Valley State University students expecting to receive financial assistance from the State of Michigan.

Special Message from Presidents Haas and Trombka

Dear students:

We are writing today to be certain you are aware that the Michigan Promise Grant as well as several other state-funded scholarships have been proposed for immediate elimination.  You are receiving this message because university records show that you expect to receive financial assistance from the State of Michigan.

As of this writing (Friday morning), a joint House-Senate conference committee has voted to eliminate the aid, while a different House committee has voted to restore some of it, but without identifying a source of revenue to pay for it.

As you are aware, the university credited your student account for your expected state financial aid payment.  In the event the state cancels the aid, you will receive a revised bill for the amount then owing.  

Debate about the Promise Grant and related programs continues in Lansing, and we encourage you to keep up to date on developments by checking periodically on line at: 

We will do our best to keep you informed as developments take place in the next few days.


Thomas J. Haas, President
Grand Valley State University


Autumn W. Trombka, President
Grand Valley Student Senate

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