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Historical Inauguration and Inauguration History

Posted on January 19, 2009

As the country prepares for the historical inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama, the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies has posted some information about previous inaugurations, including:
-- Seven Memorable Inaugural Addresses
-- A historical perspective on Barack Obama's inauguration
-- An explanation of why there have been 55 inaugurations but only 43 presidents
-- A comparison of inauguration costs
-- Bible passages used in inaugurations
-- Ceremonies for presidents who have been elected twice
Grand Valley’s event to mark the presidential inauguration, “America United: A Grand Valley Celebration,” will begin at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, January 20 in the Fieldhouse Arena. Remarks will be given by President Thomas J. Haas; Jeanne Arnold, vice president for Inclusion and Equity; Gleaves Whitney, director of the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies; and faculty members Mark Richards and Louis Moore.

A live Webcast of Grand Valley speakers and a link to the inauguration will be available at

Locations will be set up for students, faculty and staff members to watch the day’s events. Along with the Fieldhouse Arena, sites are as follows:
• Eberhard Center, Grand Rapids Press Teleconference Auditorium;
• DeVos Center, room 136 E;
• Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences, Hager Auditorium;
• Holland Meijer Campus, room 104;
• Muskegon Regional Center, room 1100;
• Traverse City University Center, rooms 215 and 217.

For more information about the event, contact the Office of Inclusion and Equity at x13296.

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