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Grand Valley's Lipdub goes viral

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Posted on October 15, 2010

Grand Valley's Lipdub is getting local and international attention by journalists and popular online social networks. More than 54,000 people viewed it on one site in the first two days after the video was posted online October 12, at


The international University LipDub project encourages schools to show off their campuses while meeting the challenge of creating a music video in a single shot. Grand Valley students Chris Coleman and Greg Kort took up the challenge and worked out the details with Kim Roberts, associate professor in the School of Communications and project advisor.


The song "Come Sail Away," by Styx, was selected for Grand Valley's project, which included more than 600 students, showcased more than a dozen campus locations and used special effects including a confetti canon and a smoke machine, to celebrate the university's 50th Anniversary.


Here is a sample of news coverage and social network comments:













I have a FB friend from Cairo, Egypt who shared the LipDub link on her page a few hours ago! 


I am now famous now in my country Tunisia because they saw me in our Grand Great Glorious LipDub Video. 


My mom emailed the link to my family in ITALY! Woohoo! International!


Just letting you guys know...there are a lot of alums out there really proud of this video. Great GVSU representation!

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