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Students place at national robotics challenge

  • From left, Michael Stickel, Michael Quick, Jared Thomas, Fred Arbogast, and Sung-Hwan Joo.

Posted on April 27, 2011

Twelve students from Grand Valley competed in the National Robotics Competition in Marion, Ohio April 16 and 17. Seven students placed second and third in the post secondary division Mini-Sumo Robot Competition.

Engineering students Michael Stickel, Michael Quick, Jared Thomas and David Foley took second place, and Fred Arbogast, Cory Hardy and Nicholas Annese took third place.

At the event sponsored by Honda, the students designed, built, and wrote the program that controlled their robot motors.

The National Robotics Competition is designed to foster an environment where students can develop creativity, engineering, problem-solving and leadership skills.

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