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Hoophouse is platform for hands-on, sustainable agriculture education

  • Dean Antczak and Wenner plant lettuce seeds.

Posted on August 19, 2011

A ribbon cutting ceremony for the new addition to the Sustainable Agriculture Project (SAP) took place Friday, August 19.

Community and campus members donated 200 hours in three days to build the hoophouse, which will extend the growing season into the academic year allowing more classes to learn about sustainable agriculture and organic farming.

“It was great to see the excitement generated around the hoophouse building,” said Levi Gardner, manager of SAP. “From Liberal Studies to biology, it’s going to be a place for classes to have fun, learn and experience something different.”

The hoophouse is 30 feet by 72 feet and provides temperatures up to 10-15 degrees above the outdoor air temperature. It is a collaborative effort that includes support from the Farm Club student organization, Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Farm Club President John DeRuiter said, “It started as a community garden, now it’s a community effort.”

Learn more about the Sustainable Agriculture Project here.

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