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Graduate total sets new record

Posted on July 13, 2012

Grand Valley State University has produced a record number of graduates this year and marked its best-ever graduation rate.

A record 5,301 students earned diplomas in 2011-2012. Current research shows Grand Valley ranks fourth in its graduation rate among Michigan’s 15 public universities, exceeded only by the University of Michigan, Michigan State and Michigan Technological universities.   

“It’s been our goal to revise curriculum and re-evaluate courses in order to speed the path to graduation,” President Thomas J. Haas said. “By doing that strategically, we retain quality and our students move into careers and graduate schools quicker. We’ve doubled the number of graduates in the last decade. Nearly 90% of recent graduates are staying right here in Michigan.” 

The university also implemented the Grand Finish program in 2010 which encourages full-time study and rewards timely graduation with a $1,000 grant for qualifying students as they enter their senior year. The key to the program is earning 90 credit hours in a set period of time. Nearly 900 2011-2012 graduates received the Grand Finish grant.

“The Grand Finish works in a number of ways to help our students,” Provost Gayle R. Davis said. “To keep students on their academic path, we’ve bolstered our advising programs and support for students. They can save time and money and obtain the knowledge and degrees they seek. We’ve been able to achieve this return on investment while sustaining our academic rigor, which is what students, families, donors and taxpayers expect from Grand Valley.”

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