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United Way campaign totals second highest in a decade

  • President Haas makes pancakes for United Way campaign captains at his Thank You Breakfast December 3.
  • United Way Campaign Thank You Breakfast
  • Campaign co-chair Steve Lipnicki presented the campaign results.
  • Steve Lipnicki

Posted on December 06, 2013

Donation totals for Grand Valley’s 2013 United Way campaign were the second highest in a decade. Results for the campaign were announced at the President’s Thank You Breakfast December 3. 

The campaign report showed a donation total of $165,459, a slight drop from the total in 2012. Both the response rate for completed United Way forms and the donation rate were also slightly down, to 75 and 49.9 percent respectively. 

President Haas made his 'world-famous' pancakes and thanked the campaign committee and captains for their hard work. United Way co-chairs Sue Sloop and Steve Lipnicki thanked captains for encouraging their coworkers to return the forms to help support the United Way in Kent, Ottawa, and other West Michigan counties. 

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