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Dashboard Report: Grand Valley leads in key indicators

Posted on February 11, 2011

Grand Valley State University President Thomas J. Haas said today the university’s accountability Dashboard Report shows Grand Valley leading other Michigan schools in key performance indicators, underscoring the university’s academic quality and its commitment to the state’s economic recovery. 
When reviewing the past 10 years of higher education growth in Michigan, Grand Valley is the top performer. In the last decade, annual enrollment in Michigan’s 15 public universities has increased by more than 25,000. Nearly 6,000 or 23 percent of that increase was at Grand Valley.
The number of degrees awarded by Michigan’s public universities in that decade went up by nearly 10,000. Of that number, Grand Valley had the largest share of increase at 22 percent.
President Haas presented the report at today’s meeting of the Board of Trustees, the first for new trustees David Hooker and John C. Kennedy.
“It’s proven that a state with more college graduates is healthier economically,” Haas said. “Grand Valley is a major partner with the state, as are all institutions of higher education. We are a huge piece of the economic picture as Michigan looks to a prosperous future and a higher quality of life. We have been doing our Accountability Report for four years in the fall. This dashboard report expands on that and gives a clear picture of Grand Valley’s proof of performance when it comes to using resources wisely.”
During the same period, Grand Valley has kept tuition below the state average even though it receives the lowest state funding per student. Haas has testified before state legislative committees, and repeated at today’s board meeting, that he would reduce tuition by 5 percent if lawmakers would appropriate the minimum floor funding to Grand Valley that they’ve agreed in principle to award to each student in Michigan.
“Grand Valley students and their families deserve fair treatment from the state,” Haas said. “We need a rational and predictable partnership with Lansing.  At Grand Valley, we are doing everything we can to be efficient, effective and live within our means.”
Grand Valley’s Dashboard Report and Accountability Report are available online at  


* President Haas said the Dashboard Report shows leaders in Lansing the value and impact Grand Valley has on the state (audio).

* President Haas said the report reinforces the fact that institutions like Grand Valley are key in turning the state around (audio).

* President Haas said the report shows Grand Valley is living within its means (audio).


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