Students display engineering, computing creations

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Have you ever second guessed whether you turned off the lights or locked the door? The “PyAutoHome,” a system that includes a mobile app designed and built by a group of Grand Valley State University computing students, aims to alleviate those concerns. It was one of many projects that were showcased at Grand Valley’s Project Day, December 5.

Hosted by the Seymour and Esther Padnos College of Engineering and Computing, more than 150 students from schools in the Grand Rapids area attended the event to see nearly 60 projects designed and created by Grand Valley students during the fall semester.

The event, which took place at Kennedy Hall of Engineering on the Pew Grand Rapids Campus, demonstrates to the high school students how engineering and computing is relevant to everyday life. The event was sponsored by Perrigo.

Among the projects on display were also “MARBLEous," a machine that separates black and white marbles; “SARR” an autonomous search and rescue robot; “Worphles,” a real-time Web application 3-D word game where players compete to be the best speller; and a FM radio that was made using old transistor technology.