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Occupational therapy students support camp counselors

  • Grand Valley students majoring in occupational therapy help train Indian Trails Camp counselors learn to transfer campers from bed to wheelchair.
  • Occupational therapy students at Indian Trails.
  • Occupational therapy students at Indian Trails.

Posted on June 10, 2013

Students majoring in occupational therapy spent a day at Indian Trails Camp teaching camp counselors how to care for campers with disabilities.

Jeanine Beasley, associate professor of occupational therapy, said Grand Valley students have helped Indian Trails counselors for the past three years. Indian Trails, on Lake Michigan Drive, provides overnight camp experiences for people with disabilities. About 50 camp staff members are hired for the summer.

Beasley herself worked as a counselor there while in college.

During the daylong training session in late May, Grand Valley students taught the counselors how to dress, feed and transfer campers.


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