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Fellowships allow students to work on nonprofit research, programs

  • Joel Orosz and Kathy Agard
  • Kathy Agard
  • Joel Orosz
  • Jenny McGraw
  • Jacob Scheller
  • Brooke Hotchkiss

Posted on October 04, 2012

Three Grand Valley State University students have been selected to work on “Our State of Generosity,” a project at the university’s Johnson Center for Philanthropy.

Jennifer McGraw, a graduate student in the School of Social Work, was selected as the first Joel J. Orosz Fellow in Philanthropy. Brooke Hotchkiss, an undergraduate social work major, and Jacob Scheller, a graduate student in the School of Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration, were selected as the Kathy Agard fellows in Community Philanthropy.

“Our State of Generosity” is a project that will provide the international nonprofit and philanthropic field with insights on Michigan’s experience in growing philanthropy. The goal is to offer information that can enhance the effectiveness of philanthropy in other states and emerging societies. It is expected to launch during the summer of 2013.

McGraw, Scheller and Hotchkiss will conduct research, writing, and other tasks, in addition to collaborating with the leadership team.

Robin Leonard serves as the project coordinator for the Johnson Center, and provides overall management while working with the core group, partner organizations, and advisory committee to form consensus and direction for the project. 

The ongoing fellowship programs honor both Dr. Kathy Agard and Dr. Joel J. Orosz’s years of service and dedication. 

Agard had a significant impact on the field of community philanthropy, and the Michigan Community Foundations’ Youth Project and Learning to Give. Agard retired as Executive Director of the Johnson Center for Philanthropy in December 2010.

Orosz has made many significant contributions to the field of philanthropy, including serving as program director at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and as a distinguished professor of philanthropic studies for the Johnson Center, where he was founding director of The Grantmaking School. 

For more information on the Agard and Orosz fellows and fellowships, visit

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