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COW volunteers bowl with senior citizens

  • Joe Smith, �07, gets ready to bowl during a COW event.
  • Wii bowling tournament
  • Wii bowling tournament
  • Wii bowling tournament

Posted on March 22, 2013

A group of alumni and students competed in a Wii bowling tournament with senior citizens, one of many Community Outreach Week events planned by the Alumni Association and the Community Service Learning Center.

The tournament was held March 21 at Covenant Village of the Great Lakes, a retirement community on Lake Michigan Drive.

It was the third straight year the mother and daughter team of Wilma and Julie Vanderzwaag have attended the event. They said they enjoy interacting with the senior citizens.

“This is a great outreach week,” said Wilma Vanderzwaag, who graduated from Grand Valley in 1969. “A lot more people will know about Grand Valley through the volunteers.”

More than 600 volunteers planned to participate in COW; events were held locally, in the Detroit area, and as far away as Thailand.

Events conclude on Saturday, March 23. Visit to learn more.

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